Where would we be without our desire to learn about the universe we live in?

Now, there’s no doubt about the comprehensiveness of our education system. However, we want to fill what we’ve identified as important gaps in private and public efforts to boost creative thinking and innovation in India. With our tools and services, effective mentoring, diverse networks, and access to seed capital, Workbench Projects has been recognised as a pioneer of driving program conception, design, planning and execution in India’s burgeoning start-up universe.

With that said, we have created this channel of learning, and more to come in the future, that we guarantee will teach you a thing or two.

What is Skill-ED?

Skill-ED is a unique experience that allows you to plan and build anything and everything you have ever thought of. The program is designed in a way to ensure that you spend most of the time building real products and machines instead of sitting in the class with a notebook and a pen. However, there will be theory sessions, but only 20% of the time. The balance 80% of the time you will be getting your hands dirty.

You will learn how to bring your ideas to life. Even if you don’t have an idea but you are trying to come up with a solution to a problem, the program will enable you to envision a solution, prototype and document it. This is possible because you will spend many hours working with and using various fabrication tools.

We encourage you to use these fabrication tools to take various code and formats and turn them into physical functioning products. In fact, you will be planning and building a project every week.

How will it help you?

You will document your progress for each project, which will result in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. This portfolio will act as proof of your abilities and accomplishments, which later will help you in building your career

How do we work?

Skill-ED is a 6-month program. At the end of the program you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. The certificate will be awarded as a representation of your abilities and achievements, and not the time/duration spent working on the program.

Course Structure

Principles and practices
Project management
Computer-aided design
Computer-controlled cutting
Electronics production
Computer-controlled machining
Electronics design
Molding and casting or “wild card week”
Embedded programming
3D scanning and printing
Input Devices
Interface and application programming
Mechanical design
Output devices
Networking and communications
Machine design
Applications and implications
Project development
Invention, intellectual property, and income 

Course Fee

Rs. 1,50,000

This Includes:

16 hours a week of hands-on lab access with a personal instructor
All the basic course materials
1 free assessment and evaluation within the cycle the student enrolled, in any of the rounds available: July or November
1 certificate of completion
Access to all recorded lectures and reviews
Access to the Lab equipment and facilities for the purpose of the course (in schedule determined by labs)
Free software licenses for selected Autodesk and Solidworks software packages during the course