Corporate Engagement Programs

We provide an environment and programs to encourage your teams to imbibe the hands-on application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics with a dash of Entrepreneurship and Design (STEAM-ED). 

Pop Up Makerspace

Bring the magic of a Makerspace to your organization to give a unique introduction to technology using games and puzzles to boost creative thinking.

StartUp Zone

If you ever wanted to experience tech built by superstars of the tech world so simply and so quickly that you can be inspired in no time, work with us to curate experiences from our startups in the simplest most engaging manner possible.


Designed to bring out the inner maker by solving seemingly impossible problems without any other hardware than your hands and no other software than your mind; but with a constraint of your BOM being all under Rs. 100 even as a team

Rethinking Design

To help you see yourself and your experiences through the eyes of a Designer and Artist to imagine a better world with innovation in design and art.


To challenge your teams to be the best that they can be by putting them in a race for survival using only their wits to claim the ultimate recognition.

Sustain Ability

To help teams and organizations become more conscious of their everyday choices and their eventual impact and use technology to begin saving the world, one step at a time.

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