“An apple tree did it for Newton, a bathtub did it for Archimedes… this unique space in town will surely do it for you!”



We are the very first makerspace, Fablab and co-working space for the thirsty makers, tinkerers, innovators and entrepreneurs of Bangalore. With 5000 sq. ft. of public space reclaimed from the government right under the Halasuru Metro Station, you can simply bring your thoughts, ideas and designs to our playground of pure creativity and walk out with its manifestation in your hands.

Highlights of the Space


From engraving to extruding, STL to G-code, or CAD to CUT, our digital fablab can do it all! Our space includes a 100-watt laser, three 3D printers, a CNC machine and a vinyl cutter for superfast prototyping and production. Guaranteed to take your idea from sketch to model quickly, easily and make it fun!


Leave your ABCs at the door and start thinking 1s and 0s here! Our storage supply and equipment bins are chock full of microcontrollers, oscilloscopes, shields, SMPS, transistors, cables, and just about everything you’ll need to make your circuit boards shine.


The belly of the beast! We’ve got nearly every power tool and hand tool you can think of. Anything hardware can be created here, whether it’s woodworking, welding, acrylic joints, or even a smooth paint job! All you need is time and elbow grease to start creating magic with your own hands!


We’ve got 3D printers. A Mega Maker Faire even! We’ll show you how to use them to good effect and create all sorts of complex designs that you wouldn’t have thought even possible a few years ago. 3D printers also use far less material when compared with traditional methods to make things, making you a responsible maker. Plus, it’s really fun and mesmerising to watch the layers come together.


You’re a software engineer whose only needs are a chair to sit on, a sturdy table to rest your laptop on, and a quiet place to work. Have we got the right spot for you! Our co-working space has all the essentials for getting things done: WiFi, air conditioning, dedicated tables, and comfortable chairs. We’ll even create a mild hubbub of busy people around you to help you wire in and get in the zone.

Crypto Mecca

Never mind what Bitcoin is doing today. We’ve been working on a host of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects on our own, such as a physical cryptocurrency wallet, mining Etherium, and blockchain conferences. We have and continue to build a huge network of experts and players with skin in the game who can help guide you on your own blockchain project. Join the conversation! You never know what you’ll hear from the ether.


Alright, the design is finally locked in! But before you fully commit to production, let us help you make a prototype or two to see what it actually feels like in real life and not just on paper. We’ll catch potential problems and tweak answers to design questions early on. Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone; we’ve got the experts to guide you the whole way. Always remember that old adage, prototype twice, produce once. Or was it measure twice, cut once?

Design Maadi

Need to sketch something ASAP? Or render your 3D model on a capable graphics card that’s out of your financial reach? Or do you just want to Photoshop yourself on vacation on a sandy beach? Come over, we’ve got the all the tools for the job.


Fancy yourself a mover and want to meet a Shekar? Workbench Projects is the right place for you to widen your network, increase your visibility and become a player in the most exciting playground in the world. Drop us a message and tell us what you’re looking for. We’re sure we can help each other out.

Cloud IoT

Do you wish there was an app to tell you if there was milk in the fridge? Maybe you want to turn on your coffee machine and set the temperature just right by the time you get back home? Do your friends tell you that you have your head in the clouds? You’re thinking what we’re thinking: control everything in your life from the palm of your hands over the internet. Now, if only there was a way to take the dog for a walk on the cloud…


One thing we’ve learnt is that you need to meet over coffees and beers if you want to hatch plots for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! Oh sorry, we meant spread the good word of makers and maker culture. Come over and let’s start a conversation.


We’re open all the time because that’s how long it takes to make stuff sometimes. And some other times, if you’re cool and responsible, we’ll let you stay overnight and feed your night owl. We’ve got plenty of food in and around the corner too.

Our Space

Our hyperspace offers a host of services including a FabLab, co-working spaces and a cafe to cater to all the needs of a maker. Spread over 5,000 sq. ft., the facility has plenty of room to accommodate projects of any size. Our space is located at the heart of Bangalore city, under the Halasuru Metro Station.