What we do

"An apple tree did it for Newton, a bathtub did it for Archimedes... this unique space in town will surely do it for you!"

We are the very first makerspace, Fablab and co-working space that has reclaimed a public space from the government for all the thirsty makers, tinkerers, innovators and entrepreneurs of Bangalore. With 5000 sq. ft. of pure creative awesomeness right under the Halasuru Metro Station, you can simply bring your thoughts, ideas and designs to this playground and walk out with its manifestation in your hands.

Highlights of the space

Features we are proud of


Our robotics family is here to help you, whether its Wall-E or the Terminator or wearables or drones or IoT gadgets or products for smart cities.


This is the place to start. Research a new hobby before you take the plunge, learn about a machine, or a new skill. Give your idea a foundation with the materials available. Begin with our projects page to know more.


Come to share and learn the know-how of technologies. This is the place for experiments and anything that is new in electronics, electricals, automobiles, metal fabrication, woodworking.. We could go on, but it's best you come in and see for yourself.


Make an app. Make a game. Make a stop-motion video. Our mentors, collaborators and partners will provide you with all the support you'll need to make virtual magic.


Money talks, your product walks. We provide from conceptualisation to starting up to getting your first pitch to the investors. We make it happen to help you get your creation to the masses. All you have to do is believe in Startup India.


Our closet. Everything's stored here. Everything is also for sale. Liked something you used at our space or saw something outside and want help getting one? This is the place to come to.


Our Shangri-La. Power tools, CNC's, 3D printers, sewing machine, welding kit and hand tools are our weapons of mass construction. Make a one-of-a-kind product as easily as you'd bake a cake.


It is our commitment to renewables and sustainablity. We stand for upcycling and recycling and have loads to share from our collection of found objects. Any project on the lines of social entrepreneurship and responsible innovation we shall proudly wear it on our sleeves.


A fluid Co-working space to start up and set flight the entrepreneur in you!

Our Offerings

Genuine as it can get

Round The Clock Wi Fi & Electricity

Easy Metro Connectivity

Open Seven Days A Week

Digital Fabrication

Fully Loaded Makerspace

Co Work   Network

HiDiscuss-Meeting room

Indoor and Outdoor Work Areas



Variety on a platter

Membership Plans

Subscribe to us for a month or for a day , the choice is yours

We have very comprehensive membership plans for different kind of users according to their needs & demand.

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