The Space Where You Innovate and Grow

Our 5000 sq. ft. space is an integrated with a digital fabrication, 3D printing and a woodworking lab. Our space inspires entrepreneurs to create innovative products and provides a nurturing ecosystem.

Test your ideas

We support all your ideas, mostly, the crazy ones. We know only the crazy ones change the world.

Turn ideas into prototypes

Workbench projects provides you with all the tools and equipment you need to transform your ideas into working prototypes.

Scale up your innovations

Our ecosystem provides you all the support to take your creations to market, discovering a product-market fit and scaling up.

With Us, You Get Everything You Need


Our space includes digital fabrication & design lab, woodworking lab, shopfloor and a 3D printing lab.


We have 100-watt laser, three 3D printers, CNC machines and vinyl cutter for super fast prototyping and production.


Meet over coffees and beers for spreading the good word of maker culture. Come, let’s start a conversation.


We have experts to mentor and guide you on your projects in blockchain, IoT and other futuristic technologies.


We offer perfect ecosystem and co-working space in Bengaluru to widen your network and to increase visibility.


Gain access to financial support from our investor network. Become part of our community.

It’s not just a co-working space, it’s a fully-fledged innovation hub

Different from all other co-working spaces, our space is for startups focused on hardware products. Innovative teams convert their ideas to prototypes here.

Join the Innovators

Stop Thinking, Start Making.

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