What Does it Take to Become a Maker?

What Does it Take to Become a Maker?

As a Maker in the Indian ecosystem, we are constantly asked, “What is a Maker?” “What does a Maker do?” “Is there any scope for this work?”. These fundamental questions from people always take us back to the main reasons that we call ourselves Makers in the first place. The very word, Maker, does not particularly evoke any clear image in the same way that a Baker, Lawyer or Doctor does for the plain and simple reason, it has never been defined in our cultural understanding and therein lies both opportunity and crisis.

What defines someone as a Maker? Who can be a Maker and why do they choose to be Makers?

Making, just like charity, begins at home, pets, housework, garbage, laziness, retirement, discipline, the value of work, income.

Makers could best be understood as godmen whose whole purpose is in the pursuit of Spiritual truth through meditation, penance or Yoga. A Maker’s purpose is the pursuit of material possibility by the application of the logical and creative sides of the brain to solve problems.

Because this is an inherent evolutionary feature of our ever curious monkey brains, Making would have to fundamentally start at home or in our closest communities, especially as children when we seek to understand our world by poking, prodding and testing the limits of our communities patience by asking eternal questions to seemingly difficult “problems”.

As we grow up and go about our lives, many of us remember the curiosity and the rest have curiosity drilled out of us. It pertains even though the “problems” take new shapes and forms in the form of siblings, money issues, housework, school and education, pets, senior citizens and all the other issues that is occurring in the modern world.

Today with the advent of the internet and the interconnectedness, we are capable of looking and solving what was considered as problems from the beginning of human interaction such as:

  • Long hours and labour intensive nature of cooking food
  • Selecting and purchasing of groceries and household items
  • Washing and drying of laundry or the dishes
  • Reminding tasks and taking medication
  • Tending to the needs of young children and taking care of pets
  • Being connected to groups of similar interests inside and outside the home

All of these have required a different type of thinking that the rise of technology has made possible today. However, the manner of solving such “problems” differs from person to person.

How would you think of solving the above problems? Because the manner in which you solve it tells a lot about –

  • Tasks such as cooking, grocery collection, cleaning, washing clothes or dishes, taking out the garbage, reminders to take medication, tending to the needs of children or pets, wanting to be connected to an outside group, and other regular activities of the home are all areas of problems which require the expertise of a Maker
  • Maybe it is a representation of the fundamental human laziness to do “work” especially work that does not seem to have any particular short term benefit, drives the Maker
  • For those who are already working, maybe the concept of holidays and retirement after work or family pressure has ended, which is a drive to be a Maker.
  • But this brings up new questions about the nature of work, its relation to benefit or income and why should one Make when one can buy

Let me know what do you like to make?

– Richard Gomes

WP Opportunity Alert :: Marketing Associate with Rocketeers

WP Opportunity Alert :: Marketing Associate with Rocketeers

One of our residents, Rocketeers, is looking to hire a marketing associate.

Here is the role description:

A. managing and updating website, built on wordpress, woo commerce, payu money.
B. improving website functionality and adding pages (better smoother e-commercse, adding products and services to store)
C. managing updating social media. (minimal)

Role Type: Full Time

Location: Workbench Projects Halasuru Metro

About Rocketeers

Rocketeers India’s first solid fuel powered model rocket kit manufacturer, supplying kits to schools, colleges and rocket enthusiasts across the country. Rocketeers also provides turnkey educational solutions incorporating experiential learning based STEM education using scientifically designed curriculum, experiments and projects to students and educational institutions across the country.

Apply Now:

This position has been filled now. Please connect with us at make@workbenchprojects.com for more details.

Creating Futuristic Architecture with Master Curime – POP Arc Bengaluru 2019 – High School Workshop

Creating Futuristic Architecture with Master Curime – POP Arc Bengaluru 2019 – High School Workshop

We hosted a workshop for school students from November 13-16, 2019. In this workshop, Master Curime Batliner, faculty at Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) taught students the skills of designing futuristic sculptures.

Students used 3D Printers, CNC Technologies and Robotics Concepts to create an awesome and artistic structure shown in the pictures below. The creation was then installed at Bengaluru By Design Festival.

Pop Arc Futuristic Design Workshop 2019
Master Curime with Students
Pop Arc Futuristic Design Workshop by SCI Arc 2019, Master Curime Batliner and His Students

For more workshops like this, check our events page.